"experience the difference" is the most overused, ignorant slogan in marketing, only because no one ever truly indicates how to do so
saying "now's the best time to buy" every freaking month really indicates you're stupid
if you're still buying newspaper, phone book or radio you needed to fire yourself last decade
marketing doesn't sell the product, people do
represent a brand not a redundant lie
not every weekend has to be the biggest blowout sales event ever, cause it's not. it's another reason people hate you
saying "we'll beat any deal" is a bold face lie and people hate you for it
stop saying you have the best price, best service and best selection, you don't
stop thinking you should be the host or talent, you shouldn't. neither should your kids
don't stand in the lobby or parking lot saying the same thing everyone else is saying


Stop thinking your commercials need to promote the brand, sell the product, close the deal, cash the check and write the review.

They simply need to set you apart and make you memorable, it’s your job to do the rest!


Pineapple Advertising is simply not like the other apples in the orchard. We stand out, we're fresh and always ready to be picked. Yes we have years of experience, but we're youthful minded enough to understand the seduction of awesome creative and the power of bold branding. The one constant you will find with Pineapple in comparison to "other" so called advertising companies, is the TRUTH. Pineapple builds creative that speaks and we place it appropriately, not traditionally. We're not looking to make you feel better about yourself, we're on a mission of truth, we analyze your budget, we question your marketing decisions and we place you on a path of impact. If you're looking for a best friend or an agency that's going to take you out to dinner every month, exit our page. If you're looking for impact, for truth, for advertising purpose. Pick the Pineapple. It's ready.